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Posters and Art Prints of Vintage World Scenes Images for you in the Category of ...

Buy these Vintage Scenes of Ancient World Scenes as superb giclee printed posters, canvas prints and framed prints. We guarantee gallery quality art prints and posters and fast worldwide dispatch.

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 A 19th Century portrait of an Algerian Maiden, carrying a terracotta pot, dressed in white, from 1885; prints from 
 Algerian Maiden Algeria 
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 A 19th century sketch from Algiers from 1885 shows a typical Algerian scene with palm trees at a cafe on a sunny afternoon; prints from 
 Cafe of Hammah Algiers 
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 An old painting of an Algerian camel in the desert from 1885; prints from 
 Camel Algeria 
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 An old sketch of the interior of the Mosque at Casbah from 1885, Algiers depicting AlgeriA 19th Century Architecture; prints from 
 Interior of Mosque at Casbah Algiers 
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 An historic view from 1895 of an Arab school in Cairo; children diligently learn whilst older, wiser man teaches the ways of the world; prints from 
 Arab School Cairo Egypt 
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 A 19th century sketched portrait of Ben Asia, the Kabyle, dressed in white, with a blue background, Algiers from 1885; prints from 
 Ben Asia the Kabyle Algiers 
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 An Algerian scene of a Kabyle selling lemons with a boy beside him from 1875; prints from 
 Kabyle Selling Lemons Algiers 
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 An old sketched illustration of the Jardin Marengo, Algiers from 1885 illustrates an Algerian summertime view with man relaxing in the Jardin Marengo; prints from 
 Jardin Marengo Algiers 
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 An old sketch of an Algerian street scene in the 19th century, older and younger men converse in lazy surroundings in Conjuror; prints from 
 Street in Conjuror Algiers 
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 A quiet rubber, Algiers from 1885 shows men relaxing during Algerian summer; prints from 
 A Quiet Rubber Algiers 
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 A street in the Casbah, Algiers from 1885. A busy Algerian street scene shows a cobbled street with a bull followed by working men; prints from 
 A Street in the Casbah Algiers 
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 An 1873 town scene in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Africa, shows half-naked women standing around as man harasses woman and child; prints from 
 Tanzania Zanzibar Africa 
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 The Tadj, India from 1848. Impressive an illustration of the Tadj; an impressive Indian palace; prints from 
 The Tadj India 
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 An old Australian sketch of a hunting shwoing black trackers in Victoria in 1881; prints from 
 Australia Victoria Black Trackers 
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 A 19th century scene of the Sahara: a solitary desert scene with a man leading a line of camels; prints from 
 Sahara Scene 
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 An old print of a South African hunting scene from 1850 shows a man with rifle and horse taking aim at a parade of Antelope; prints from 
 South Africa Hunting 
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 An old sketch from Afghanistan from 1885 shows the camp of the Afghan boundary commission near Tirpul, in the valley of the Hari-Rud; prints from 
 Afghanistan Near Tirpul 
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 A 19th century sketch of the Steam Ship Ormuz sailing from Australia to England in 1887; prints from 
 SS Ormuz Australia to England 
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 A 19th century sketch of the Steam Ship Ormuz, sailing from Australia to England in 1887; prints from 
 SS Ormuz Australia to England 
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 An old Australian sketch of a Kangaroo Hunt from 1880; prints from 
 Australia Kangaroo Hunt 
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 A 19th century sketch of the King's Pagoda in Mandalay, Myanmar from 1885 and painted around the time of the expedition against King Theebaw of Burma; prints from 
 Mandalay the King's Pagoda 
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Displaying 1 to 21 (of 32 images) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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