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About The Liszt Collection HEADING_TITLE

Containing over one million histric prints, the Liszt Collection is an international project to preserve a portrayal of history through contemporary engravings, articles and books. It houses an abundance of vintage prints and text about the nineteenth century, covering mainly Europe and the United States, as well as Canada, Australia, Africa, South America and Asia.  In this Liszt Collection, every vintage sketch, illustration and painting is always available for you to buy as a superb giclee art print or poster, canvas print or framed picture.

This vintage print collection focuses on history, society, art and culture with images of geographical locations and various aspects of life in the 19th century - politics, fashion, social activities, science, pastimes and transport.  Many of the images are from original wood engravings.  In the mid-1800’s wood engraving was used extensively and engravings could be made within days of any particular event. Few painters could make a living selling their canvases so they turned to engraving to earn a living. Included in the Collection’s engravings are artists ranging from J.B. Allan, W.H. Bartlett and Thomas Bewick to R. Zogbaum.

The roots of the Liszt Collection lay in the Austria Hungary Empire where a Ms Gizella Schwarz (1877-1962), collected portraits of Franz Liszt (the 19th century composer) and woodcuts of the places where he lived and worked. Living in the famous Schwarz Coffee House, she met many interesting people on their travels. As her interest broadened, she bought prints and engravings of Budapest, Hungary, London, Paris and New York. Since these beginnings, the Liszt collection has expanded and now houses over one million 19th century engravings and prints and over two million articles. The Liszt Collection offers an exceptional contribution to our world heritage. We hope these vintage art prints will add much  enjoyment to your life.

Further information can be obtained from  Click here for information about Printree (the operator of this print site).

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01.Aberdeen Trinity Hall
02.St Hubertus Austria
03.Aberdeen Gateway of Trinity Friars
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